Lázaro and Jorge Talaya

"Instinctive Knife Defense-Offense" is our methodology. Its a pracmatic methodology and very actual. 

We have created two methods of learning and for different peoples . The first is for civilians and the second is focused on the entire police and military sphere. The latter is created as;  "Tactical Arnes Diablo, Operational Knife Defense" 
Arnes Diablo - "Instinctive Knife Defense Methodology". 
For all Martial Arts practitioners.  

Pracmatique – Actual – Functional.

Lázaro Talaya
Lázaro Talaya was the first no filipino and European to learn Baraw Sugbo (since 2009), leading the promotion of this art, he and his brother Jorge Talaya developed a methode of teaching actual for police and security groups and self-defense in Spain.
Slowly and with an old spanish tradition of knife fighting from lazaro’s place, today more of 50 peoples are affiliated in the only practice of the knife.
So afther many years of hard practice, they called his method; “Arnes Diablo (From the original name), Instinctive Knife Defense-Offense”
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