"Instinctive Knife Defense" Methodology
Play real - Play dirty

Arnes Diablo - "Instinctive Knife Defense" Methodology.
Is a Filipino martial art (FMA) focused on unarmed knife defense but with a method in a conception to the logic of the western confrontation. I.K.D - Arnes Diablo is a very comprehensive and practical system designed specifically to counter knife attacks especially knife thrusts that are fully committed and with serious intent to kill.

Knives kill more people each year than guns. Increase your chance of survival from knife attacks. 


The origin of this FMA surprisingly came from the great and legendary eskrimador of Cebu, Lorenzo "Ensong" Saavedra, the founder of Labangon Fencing Club and the teacher of Venancio "Anciong" Bacon the founder of the famous Balintawak.

And that according to what they say they learned from a European. 

Ensong Saavedra taught Arnes Diablo only to a certain few and it may or may not have included Anciong Bacon. What was certain in the stories is that Simo Saavedra, a relative of Ensong, acquired the techniques of Arnes Diablo and passed on his knowledge to Lucresio Ceniza Albano who was also a pioneer of Balintawak and friend of Anciong

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